When you do not remember your login name / password, but you do know the L1NDA domain website.

  • Then you can visit the website and click on Forgot password?

  • You can also ask your manager to invite you again to L1NDA. Then you will receive another email with which you can create a login name and password.
    NOTE: It may take up to 20 minutes before you receive the new invitation. Also check your SPAM folder and make sure your manager checks if the e-mail address in your L1NDA profile is correct. 

Don't remember the L1NDA domain website?

  • You can also log in via the emails you receive from L1NDA. In it you have secured links that forward you to your L1NDA. You can of course also ask a colleague about the website or search the history of your web browser on L1NDA.

  • You can often find your L1NDA by, for example, typing in the company name 'restaurant'  and pasting .l1nda.nl behind it.

Good luck!

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