With the shift exchange marketplace you can find a faster and easier replacement for your shift with your colleagues who are not yet working at that time.

  1. Click on the shift exchange marketplace-tab;

  2. Click on the plus-symbol to select a shift;

  3. Now select which shift you want to offer to your colleagues;

  4. After you have selected a shift, all colleagues will be automatically selected to take over your shift (based on availability) to send an exchange request to;

  5. You can also deselect the entire selection and manually select your colleagues;

  6. After you have selected your colleagues, click the back button in the top left corner;

  7. You can add a comment to the shift, for example the reason why you want to exchange your shift;

  8. Click the Exchange button to finalize your exchange request.

Subsequently, an email will be sent to your selected colleagues in which they can indicate whether they can take over your service. These colleagues also see the exchange request in their app under the heading Invitations in the page of the Shift Exchange Marketplace.

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