When you copy shifts from the template schedule or manually add these to the schedule, these shifts will not be visible for your employees yet. Added, deleted or changed shifts always need to be published in order for them to see these in L1NDA Planner.

The following video shows how you can publish a single shift: 

The following video shows how you can publish multiple shifts of a week(s) in once:

Other managers or planners can also still have open unpublished shifts, that also need publishing. It is highly important that you check the publish menu on a regular basis. In this case the menu 'Andermans wijzigingen' is very important:


  • Only when the shifts are published these will be visible for employees. They will receive an email so they know exactly when they have to work.

  • Important: you will only see the (worked) shifts in the hour registration when these are published. It is highly important that deleted shifts are also published, otherwise these will be included in the (worked) hour registration. 

More information about the publish-menu can be found here.

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