When an employee registered worked hours, you can approve or decline these hours. Also when an employee didn't register their worked hours, you can still confirm the hours. You can either do this per shift or per whole day. Once confirmed, the hours will be visible in the hour registration!

When a shift is already approved by a manager or planner, the employee can not register a shift anymore.

The following video shows how you confirm a shift: 

The following video shows how you confirm a whole day:

Confirming shifts in day-view:
It is also possible to confirm all shifts in the day-view. This provides a clear overview of all the shifts that are confirmed and the ones that still need approval. 

  • Click on the date in the week-view. 

  • It is important to select 'detail view'.

  • The icon with an exclamation mark shows which shifts still need approval.

  • Click on the information icon, next to the date and confirm all shifts for this day.

This functionality is not enabled in all L1NDA Planner account. It is also possible to automatically send all planned hours to the hour registration without confirming.
In case you would like to enable this functionality, please email us: support@l1nda.com.

Warning! Changing the behaviour of the layer settings from and to "automatically approving" in rare cases could bring inconsistencies with the appearance of the label "This shift will be automatically confirmed". This mainly concerns shifts in the past where the settings have recently been changed.

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