To be able to use L1NDA, you have to accept cookies in your browser. Below, you can find how to do this in particular browsers.

Cookies in Internet Explorer:

  1. Choose for 'Extra' (or Tools) in the menu and go to Internet Options;
  2. Click on the tab Privacy;
  3. The setting that is used most is Medium;
  4. The button Advanced will give you even more options to select!

Cookies in Firefox:

  1. Choose for 'Extra' (or Tools) and go to Options;
  2. Click on the tab Privacy;
  3. In the option: Cookies you can select 'Accept cookies from website'.

Cookies in Google Chrome:

  1. Click on the icon with the 3 dots on the top right;
  2. Choose for Options (settings);
  3. Click on 'Show advanced settings';
  4. Go to 'Content settings' and under 'cookies' you can select 'allow'.

Cookies in Safari (Mac)

  1. Go to Safari in the menu;
  2. Choose for the option 'preferences';
  3. Go to the tab Security;
  4. Allow cookies by clicking on 'Accept Cookies'.
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