L1NDA send reminders whenever a contract almost expires. This is done on the following intervals:

  • 50 days before the contract ends;

  • 15 days days before the contract ends;

  • 3 days before the contract ends.

These intervals can be changed to your preferences. Please send us your preferences: support@l1nda.com.

Who receives contract reminders?
The contract reminders are send to the manager that edited the contract last.
You can find this by: 

  • Clicking on an employee;

  • Select 'management' next to Contract;

  • In the right column 'Explanation' you can find the name of the manager that made the latest changes. You cannot see what has exactly changed within the contract. The contract reminder is send to the email address that is linked to this particular manager. 

This article explains how to edit a contract.

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