L1NDA takes the following factors into account when calculating the surplus/shortfall hours: 

  • L1NDA only calculates these hours for employees with a fixed contract.

  • The calculation is done according to the amount of contract hours and scheduled hours. 

  • L1NDA's calculation always runs from Monday - Sunday. It is important to start with these hours on a Monday. 

First of all, make sure that contracts are completely filled in. This article explains this.

TIP: you can also check all the current contract by downloading the staff list (printer-icon). 

You can now select a starting date for the surplus/shortfall and holiday hours. As stated above, we strongly recommend to start on a Monday. 

Follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the L1NDA-logo and go to back-office. 

  2. Click on system settings. 

  3. Go the the tab 'Surplus/shortfall holiday'.

  4. Select the correct date and don't forget to save! 

  5. Final, you can manually correct these hours. This article explains this.

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