Follow the steps below to establish a link between L1NDA and 

Create web service user in
A web service user is a normal AK user with the additional benefit that this user is entitled to access web services. A web service user should be provisioned as follows:

  • User type must be Web service user.
  • Select the web service lot that the user has access to. The web service party determines which web service (s) the user has access to.
  • Authorization can stay N/A. The user does not need to have permissions.

Link web service user to employer(s). A web service user has access to employers to which he is linked in Without this link, the web service will not return any results. A web service user is associated with an employer as follows:

  1. Create a team for the web service party. recommends creating a separate team for each web service party.
  2. Link the employer(s) and the web service user to the team.

If the web service user is created in the environment, we need the following information to activate the link:

  • The environment code (you can request this from;
  • The client number of the environment;
  • The user name of the web service user;
  • The web service user's password;

Send these four details to and we will ensure that the environment is linked to the L1NDA account!

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