With the integration between L1NDA and Nmbrs®, data of employees is retrieved from Nmbrs®. In addition to the salary, the name and address details and the staff number, the start and end dates of their current contract are also retrieved from Nmbrs®. 

Start date
First of all it is important to take into account that L1NDA looks at the current period before the start date of the contract. If the current period as below is 2017-11-M, this means that the data from period 11 is important for importing contract data.

To set or view the contract date for L1NDA in Nmbrs®, look at the salary as shown below.

If we look in this person's salary data, you will see that we are in period 11 (current period) and that the salary start date starts on 11/16/2017.

Now we will perform the synchronization and we will retrieve this employee from Nmbrs®.

As we can see the start date of the contract in L1NDA is the start date of the salary in Nmbrs®:

End date

If we now perform the synchronization, we will see that the end date is determined on the basis of the last known contract end date from Nmbrs®.

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