To send the hours worked by hourly workers, follow the following steps:

  1. Go back to the Office and choose Time registration;

  2. Click on the hamburger menu;

  3. Select the schedule layers you want to send (you can select all layers);

  4. Choose the desired period;

  5. When registering hours, choose Uurloners (Filter on all hours);

  6. Click Calculate;

  7. Check the hours for correctness and any reports;

  8. Send the hours by clicking on the integration logo (Nmbrs®, Connexie or Horecalonen) or on the door-icon and click on send the hours to... 

  9. With some accounts it is set that you are first asked to which period you want to send the hours. You select the period and then click send the hours to...

➤ Is this not the case with you, but do you want this? send an email to and we will adjust this for you!

The hours of a certain period can only be sent once from L1NDA!

* If you use a different payroll system, this will be placed before Uurloners.

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