In L1NDA we integrate with payroll administrations. When we link to a payroll administration (eg NMBRS and Loket), the hours worked are sent from L1NDA to the payroll administration.

In addition to the worked hours, other hours can also be sent:

  • Holiday hours

  • Sickness hours

  • Allowance hours

  • Plus hours 

  • Unpaid leave hours

In order to be able to send these hours, we need the hour codes of the accountant. If we do not have these, these hours cannot be sent. It can also be that you do your own bookkeeping, then you can send us the hour codes yourself. 

What is an hour code?
An hour code is a number (place) in the payroll system where the hours come in. These hour codes can be found in the system of your payroll administration. This is an example in Nmbrs®:

When we receive the hour code, we can set it so that the correct hours end up in the right place in your payroll. 

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