If you have not yet requested a cash register integration, please do so first.

In L1NDA we have multiple links where the clocked hours must be imported from the cash register into L1NDA.

Employees can clock in and out at the cash register. These clocked times can be automatically imported into L1NDA by the integration. The scheduled shifts are then updated to the actual times worked.

To import the hours, support must have activated the link for the relevant affiliate.

How do I import clocked times?

  1. Make sure you are logged in L1NDA;

  2. Click on the logo at the top left and go to Office;

  3. Under the heading Personnel administration you will find the link Upload clocked hours, click on this;

  4. You will then see the screen below. Here you select the cash register you are working with and then upload the file with registered hours which you extract from your cash register.

  5. Click Import to import the hours. The hours from yesterday are imported for the first time, from then on the hours until the last synchronization are imported.

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