In L1NDA it is possible to register the worked hours of the employees by means of an external clock system or a cash register. The recorded times are then automatically forwarded to L1NDA and the planned service times are then adjusted to the actually worked hours.
The advantage of this is that you know how much someone has worked to the minute and that the planned hours and realized hours can be compared side by side.

Register and confirm shifts
L1NDA has 2 steps that a shift goes through before it ends up in the hours registration with the salary.

  1. Register: the employee must register the shift. This is done automatically when the employee has clocked out.

  2. Confirm: a manager has yet to approve the recorded times. This is a manual operation and can be done per shift or per day. In this article you can read how to do this.

The best place to confirm shifts is in the Detail view of the Daily Schedule. Here you can see the clocked and planned times.

Shifts that have not yet been registered and/or confirmed will receive a warning icon.

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