The integration between L1NDA and Nmbrs® works in two areas:

  1. You can synchronize personnel data from Nmbrs® to L1NDA, so that the staff data in L1NDA remains the same as that of Nmbrs®.

  2. The hours worked can be sent from L1NDA to Nmbrs®, which means that you have already completed a large part of the preparations for the monthly remuneration in Nmbrs®.

Employee data synchronization
During the staff synchronization, a large number of personnel data and contract data is extracted from Nmbrs® and updated in L1NDA. If you want to make a change to this data, you have to change it in Nmbrs®. Then it will be adjusted in L1NDA at the next sync.

The following personal data is extracted from Nmbrs® and updated in L1NDA.

L1NDA fields:

  • First Name

  • Last name

  • E-mail address

  • Sex

  • Date of birth

  • Birthplace

  • Administration ID

  • Telephone number 1

  • Telephone number 2

  • Citizen service number

  • Address

  • Residence

The following contract data is extracted from Nmbrs® and updated in L1NDA. Please note that there is no point in making changes to this data in L1NDA, always do this in Nmbrs® and then synchronize with L1NDA.

L1NDA fields:

  • Affiliate

  • Start date - End date

  • Salary

  • Hours per week

  • Days a week

  • Residence

Click here for a detailed explanation of how the Nmbrs® contract data is retrieved by L1NDA.

What if I want to add an employee?

  1. First create the employee in Nmbrs®. If you then synchronize the staff data in L1NDA, the new employee will be sent and will be created in L1NDA.

  2. Or, if you want to schedule an employee who is not yet in Nmbrs®. Then create the employee in L1NDA first. You can then schedule this employee immediately. As soon as the employee is in Nmbrs® you can synchronize him/her with L1NDA at the next synchronization and the personnel data will then be updated.

What if I want to remove an employee?
You do this by first deactivating the employee in Nmbrs® (now he/se is no longer sent to L1NDA during synchronization) and then deactivating this employee in L1NDA (then the employee can no longer log in to L1NDA). You do not necessarily have to synchronize to remove an employee.

Deactivate the employee only in Nmbrs® after the last payment! Deactivated employees will not be synchronised to L1NDA anymore.

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