The first time you want to offer a shift from your L1NDA Planner schedule to Connect, we ask you to create a Connect account and complete your profile. You are automatically redirected from the planner to the Connect environment.

What information do we need from you?
The first step (of the two) is to create a Connect account so that we can link the correct account to your planner. Additional information needed is:

  • Initials

  • Password

  • Accept the terms and conditions

The second step is to complete your profile and we request the following information;

  • Company logo (profile picture)

  • Company name (already filled in)

  • Telephone number (company)

  • E-mail address (company)

  • Bank account number (already filled in)

  • Chamber of Commerce number (already filled in)

  • VAT number

  • Company Address

Once you have completed the above steps, you can continue to offer your shift! As indicated earlier, these steps are one-off. Once your account has been created and your profile has been completed, you can immediately offer shifts!

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