Before you can offer a shift on Connect from your schedule, we need additional company information. Don't worry, you don't have to do this until you want to offer your first shift.

When you click the button to offer a service on Connect, you will be directed from Planner to the Connect environment. Then we ask you to create a Connect account so that we know which Connect account we need to link to your Planner account.

Your data known to us from Planner is pre-filled to save you time. We ask you to fill in other information such as your initials, contact and address details of the company. This is a one-off, because as soon as this information is known to us, you can immediately offer shifts!

Once you have created an account you can offer shifts via Connect. Because there is a link with your schedule, you do not have to go to Connect separately, but we ensure that all important information from Connect is automatically sent to your schedule!

Read here how you can offer a service via Connect.

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