In L1NDA you can request the hour registration, which contains the hours worked. This is done as follows:

  • To request the hour registration, you can first click on L1NDA at the top left and then on Office;

  • Then click on "hour registration";

  • Now you can click on the hamburger menu at the top right. A screen will appear on the left side of the screen (see image).

  • Schedule layers: Select the desired schedule layers. If you want to select all layers, check Select all calendars.

  • Start and end date: Select the desired period, it must be in the past.

  • Hour registration: Select the hour registration you want to request: by default you have the choice of Entire workforce, Hourly employees and often also Fixed hour contract.

  • Time format: You can request the hour registration In decimals (5.50 hours) or In minutes (5:30 hours).

  • Filter: By default, the filter shows All hours. You can also choose from Basic hours, surplus/shortfall hours.

  • Calculate button: To request the overview.

  • There are two views of the hour registration: you can adjust the display in the top center of your screen (see image).

When you request the hour registration, it is important that you first check whether you have any warnings. If you have warnings, you will see them in the top left of the hour registration, in the form of a red sentence. For example: There are 22 shifst with warnings. You can click on this line to see exactly what the warnings are, then you can resolve the warnings. If the warnings are ignored, the relevant shifts will not be reflected in your hour registration.

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