An employee will not appear in the hour registration in the following situations:

Situation 1: Employees whose contract is on "other" are not included in the hour registration. The contract type "other" (if you have this option) is intended for administrative purposes. It is important that an employee whose hours you want to see in the hour registration and in the statistics has an hourly contract or a fixed hours contract type. 

Situation 2: The shifts have, for example, the type of shift "standby". When you select this shift type, the hours will not appear in the hour registration. You must replace the type of shift for another or remove it. The hours will then appear in the hour registration. 

Situation 3: When you want to request the hour registration over a certain period, the contracts must also run over that period. So, suppose you want to request the hours from November, an employee must have a valid contract for November.

Situation 4: When an employee has not been on the schedule, he will not appear in the hour registration.

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