You can follow the steps below to make the statistics visible in the schedule.

  • Click on L1NDA and then on Schedule.

  • Then you can click on the hamburger menu at the top left.

  • Check Statistics and click Show (see image).

In L1NDA you can determine which statistics you want to see in the schedule.

  • Click on L1NDA and then on Office. Then, under Control & Security, click 'System settings'.

  • Click on 'Statistics in the schedule'. Here you can indicate which statistics you want to have visible in the schedule (see image).

Once you have activated the statistics in the schedule, L1NDA will help you plan effectively with labor costs in relation to the (planned) re.

In TOTAAL the statistics of all the schedule layers for the whole week are depicted. In the Daily totals these can be viewed per day for all the schedule layers. Above each schedule layer you can see what the statistics are for the week and per day. This way you know how to plan wisely before publishing a schedule or you can look back on how the company performed!

H: The number of hours scheduled
S: Staff costs incurred
R: The (planned) revenue
P: Percentage of revenue you spend on personnel costs
L: Labor productivity (what is converted per employee per hour)

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