On 4 June 2020, Koninklijke Horeca Nederland has published the new wage table that will take effect on 1 July 2020. Because every salary increase counts, it is important to update the L1NDA Planner contracts so that the correct back-office data and statistics are kept.

Update contracts with an integration

If you use a link with a salary administration package (such as Nmbrs® or Loket), it is first of all important that the contracts in the package are updated. Your accountant usually does this. Once this is implemented, the contracts in L1NDA can be updated by synchronizing. Current contracts are automatically concluded and new ones will be created with the correct data in the correct period.

Do not update contracts manually. The integration will always overwrite manual contract changes. That would be a waste of your hard work!

Update contracts manually

You can also always update contracts manually. It is then important to conclude current contracts and create new ones. In these new contracts, the new data must be entered with the corresponding period. Read here how to update contracts manually, where we also give a practical example.

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