To send the hours worked by hourly workers, follow the following steps:

In the example you see the integration with HR2day.

  • Go back to the Office and choose Time registration

  • Click on the hamburger menu;

  • Select the schedule layers you want to send (you can select all layers);

  • Choose the desired period;

  • When registering hours, choose Uurloners (Filter on all hours);

  • Click Calculate;

  • Check the hours for correctness and any reports;

  • Send the hours by clicking on the integration logo (€)

  • Check the warnings.

  • Then click on: Download the hours as a CSV file

  • A file is now being exported. You can upload this file in your hour registration tool (for example HR2day).


The hours can be exported multiple times from L1NDA and imported into your hour registration tool (for example HR2day). Depending on the settings in your time registration tool, with a new import with the same or overlapping data, the new data can be added, changed or replaced.

Please contact your hour registration tool for this.

Do you also want to send the hours of permanent employees? Such as unproductive hours, surcharge hours and plus hours? Then read this article!

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