As of January 2020, Nmbrs® made adjusts to contracts in reaction to the new Wet arbeidsmarkt in balans (WAB) legislation.

Part of these changes was the removal of “contract type” in their contract data as this field was no longer being used in Nmbrs® or relevant. Instead from 2020 onward, the nature of the employment relationship (including the phase classification in the temporary employment sector) will become part of the employee wage tax institutions which is then added to the default employee. You can read more about these changes in the Nmbrs® support portal here.

Now that “contract type” is not available in Nmbrs®, L1NDA Planner will not include “contract type” in the synchronization of employee data from Nmbrs® to L1NDA Planner. However you can still manage and manually change contracts types in L1NDA Planner. To learn more about setting up contract types in L1NDA Planner visit this article.

To learn more about how the integration between Nmbrs® and L1NDA Planner works visit:

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