After you have completed the Lightspeed authorization, you have the option to manage the settings of the integration yourself:

  1. Authorisation: This is the status of the authorization with Lightspeed. You have already completed this in the previous steps.

  2. Status: You can choose Active, Pause or Inactive. For example, if you are closed for a while due to the season, then choose to pause. You can change the state to Active at any time.

  3. E-mail service: L1NDA Planner sends a daily report of the clocked times and realized revenue. You can choose where this email should be sent to. Split the email addresses with a comma and a space if you want to use multiple email addresses (for example:, If you don't want to receive any email, you can clear this field,

  4. Clock times: Select the checkbox if you want to synchronize clock times. Read this article about the rules that are possible for this,

  5. Revenue: Select the checkbox if you want to synchronize realized turnover. Read this article how you can import planned turnover, so that you can manage on statistics in L1NDA Planner,

  6. Including tax (BTW): Select the checkbox if you want to synchronize realized revenue including VAT,

  7. Revenue: L1NDA Planner automatically links the revenue group to the table revenue.

Don't forget to click Save for the updated settings to take effect immediately.

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