Explained: columns in the holiday & surplus/shortfall hour balance

Explained: columns in the holiday & surplus/shortfall hour balance This article explains the columns in the holiday & plusminus balance.

Below you can find an example of the holiday balance:

Holiday balance (date)
This is the total holiday balance on this particular date. This balance is shown in total amount of hours (left column) and total amount of workdays (right column). You can also see what this amount costs in wages. 

This is equal to the holiday balance.

Build up
This is the holiday that has been built up in this period. For employees with a fixed contract it fully depends on the amount of contract hours. For employees with an hourly contract it is based upon the amount of hours this employee actually worked.

Taken in
This is the amount of holiday hours your staff has taken. You can register holiday in the Improductive layer.

This refers to the total amount of hours that has been edited. You can add a correction by clicking on the black triangle. 

Surplus/shortfall balance
This is the plusminus balance at the end of the period you've selected. Click on the column in order to navigate to the plus minus balance.


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