How can I request detailed statistics in L1NDA Planner?

How can I request detailed statistics in L1NDA Planner? In this article you can read how to filter in the extended statistics. Renée van Haastrecht

You can follow the steps below to request the statistics:

  • Click on L1NDA Planner, go to Back-Office and then on Statistics in the center block.

  • Now can click on the filter menu at the top left (icon with the three bars)

  • You will then end up in the Filter form.

  • Here you can select the desired period for which you want to request the statistics.

  • If you want to request the statistics for one day; then choose the same start and end date.

Explanation of the filter form:

  • At Interval you can choose whether you want to view the statistics per day, per week, per month, per quarter or per year.

  • At According to you can choose whether you want to see the statistics according to the schedule, these are all actually scheduled hours. Or according to the contract. then you see it based on the contract hours of the staff.

  • With Schedule versions you can choose whether you only want to view the statistics as they are on the current schedule, these are the planned hours. You can also opt for hours worked. You can also choose realized versus planned hours.

  • Then click on Calculate to actually request the statistics.

  • When you click on Calculate, you will see a total:

  • Here you can filter on various factors. You do this by clicking on Divide on ....

    If you want to know how many hours you have worked on a specific contract type of contract in the selected period, choose Contract type (see image below).

  • You can see that 486,10 hours were worked for this period by employees with a fixed hours contract.
    ➤ By clicking the contract and then clicking on Filter you only filter on this contract.
    ➤ By clicking on the contract itself, a table will appear at the bottom where you can see exactly when these hours were worked:

You have the option of filtering on various factors. Within the contract you can filter by personnel again to, for example, get an overview of which employees all have a fixed contract.

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