How can I send surplus hours?

How can I send surplus hours?

Paying out surplushours starts with the surplus/shortfall hours overview

  1. Click on Office and choose surplus/shortfall hours;

  2. Click on the magnifying glass left of an employee's name 

  3. Click in the corrections column in the line of a specific week on the titled triangle-icon

  4. Choose the date that you want to pay the overtime by date (within the period in which you want to send it);

  5. When correcting, enter the number of hours you want to pay with - before;
    For type, choose Payout;

  6. For example, enter the period in the explanation. This is for yourself as a reminder and is not mandatory,

  7. Click on Save.

Sending overtime pay
To send the paid overtime, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Office and choose Hour registration;

  2. Click on the hamburger menu,

  3. Select the schedule layers you want to send (you can select all layers),

  4. Choose the desired period,

  5. When registering hours, choose surplus hours for sending permanent employees

  6. Important, filter on surplus hours (if you do not do this, the hours worked will be sent and the employees will be paid twice);

7. Click Calculate,

8. Check overtime for correctness and any reports,

9. Send the hours by clicking on the logo link and click on Send the hours to your salary administration

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