How can I set up a hierarchy in the personnel management?

How can I set up a hierarchy in the personnel management?

L1NDA offers you the opportunity to take into account the hierarchical structure of your organisation. You do this by placing the roles of your staff in the right order. Sensitive information is then secured and accessible only to the appointed employees within your organisation.

When you have entered the hierarchy, L1NDA will use the following rules (you can put multiple roles on the same level)

  • A person who is allowed to add staff may only add employees who have roles that are lower than their own role.

  • A person who is allowed to edit staff may only edit staff who are lower in the ranking. This person may not promote anyone to their own job or higher.

  • Someone who can edit himself cannot promote himself to a higher role.

  • A person who can manage staff never sees the contracts and added staff files of a person who has a job equal to him/her or above.

Set up hierarchy
You can set the hierarchy under Roles (Office). Only the L1NDA users who are allowed to view and edit the contracts of all staff can set this up.

Then you can set the hierarchy the way you want. You do this by dragging the L1NDA roles to the correct level. Once you save your changes, L1NDA will take into account the hierarchy, as explained above.

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