How do I authorize for the Loket - L1NDA integration?

How do I authorize for the Loket - L1NDA integration? This article describes how to authorize the Loket OAuth2 integration in L1NDA Planner for existing integrations.

You can strengthen your security of your Loket integration with L1NDA Planner within a few steps. Please make sure you have your Loket login details at hand! If you are enabling for multiple affiliates, then please pay careful attention to each affiliate to make sure you use the corresponding credentials.

Before you start authorizing the Counter integration, we ask you to check the following

The username you use to authorize the integration can be found in your User overview (Gebruikersoverzicht):

You need the following permissions in Loket to authorize the integration:

  • Beheer variabele gegevens

  • Raadplegen dienstverbanden

  • Raadplegen beloningen

  • Beheren en raadplegen BSN

Follow these steps to authenticate the Loket OAuth2 integration

1. Login to L1NDA Planner and click on Back office

2. Scroll down to the section Integrations and click on Loket

3. Choose the affiliate from the drop down and click on the pink button Go to step 2

4. If the status displays Not Authorised click on Enable OAuth2

5. Fill in the affiliate credentials and the 2FA code if you use 2 factor authentication in Loket and click on Go to step 3

6. Choose the client number and choose Go to step 4

7. Check if you got a confirmation for the authentication being successful

Extra tips

  1. Click here if you forgot your credentials for Loket

  2. It is very likely that credentials corresponding to an affiliate were used for another one, please try first to re authenticate and see if your issue is solved. The credentials of Loket are case sensitive (capitals).

  3. If you try to synchronise the staff and you see the names listed don’t match the names you are expecting to see, very likely you’ve authorized that affiliate against the wrong Loket integration.Please try to re authenticate the affiliate and see if your issue is solved by synchronising again.

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