How do I calculate the average number of worked hours for flexible workers per year?

How do I calculate the average number of worked hours for flexible workers per year? The new WAB law came into effect on 1 January 2020. After 12 months, you as an employer must offer a new contract for flexible workers.

L1NDA Planner distinguishes between types of contracts: Variable hours contract (0-hour contract) and Fixed hours contract. This is usually reflected as the contract type Uurloner and Vast urencontract. This article explains more about the calculation of the average number of hours worked for the contract type Uurloner, the flexible workers.

Part of the WAB Act is that employers must offer a fixed number of hours to flexible workers (0-hours contracts) after 12 months. The average number of hours per week is leading in this (source: Rijksoverheid).

For example, if you had hired a flexible worker for 20 hours a week, but he worked an average of 28 hours a week for a year, you must offer him a contract for 28 hours. If you do not do this, the flexible worker is still entitled to wages for this number of hours.

L1NDA Planner can help you make this calculation:

  • Go to Backoffice in your L1NDA Planner account

  • Click on Statistics

  • In the filtermenu (button with the 3 stripes) you can select a specific period and click on Calculate. In this example from Januari 1st 2020 till December 31st 2020:

  • Click on Divide on... and select Contract type

  • Select Uurloner and click on Filter

  • Click on Divide on... again and select Staff this time

  • Now you get an overview of all hours worked (and / or planned hours if you request a period in the future) of employees with the contract type Uurloner:

For the calculation we take Abel as an example

Abel worked a total of 118.50 hours in 2020. We divide these hours by the number of weeks in 2020, which in this case is 53:

118.50 hours: 53 weeks = 2.24 hours on average per week

Calculate this per employee to find out what an employee is entitled to.


Make sure to give contracts an end date. L1NDA Planner will then send you contract reminders before they expire. Then you can make a calculation of the average number of hours before you renew the contract.

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