How do I cancel my L1NDA Planner?

How do I cancel my L1NDA Planner? Oh no! Would you like to cancel your Planner subscription? This article explains how to do this.

What a shame you'd like to cancel your L1NDA Planner subscription! 

In order for us to process this correctly, we kindly request you to send us an email to with the following: 

  • Account name;

  • Per which date you would like to cancel the account; 

  • Reason for cancellation: do you miss certain features? All your feedback is more than welcome in order to make L1NDA Planner even better! 

We have a cancellation term of 1 month. The next possibility is always the last day of the following month. Furthermore, it is highly important that the contract owner sends us the cancellation per email (

In case you would like to cancel your subscription due to the Corona-crisis, this is not needed. You only pay for whom you schedule in L1NDA Planner. Please send us an email or call us at 020 752 6690 for further questions or advice. 

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