How do I close-off a month?

How do I close-off a month? When you close off a month for a certain location, there are no changes in the schedule or hour registration possible.

You can close off a month when this has all been paid out and you do not want any changes to be made within this month. 

  • You can find this functionality under 'back office' and in the middle block. 

  • The green circle shows which months are open and the red cross shows which months are already closed-off. 

  • Simply click on the green or red icon in order to open or close-off the month. 

  • L1NDA also shows who closed of the month and when this was done:

 What will be blocked and for whom?

  • All changes in the schedule are blocked and cannot be done once the month is closed-off. Examples: adding a new shift in this month, changing or deleting a shift. You cannot copy the template schedule into this month or approve hours anymore. Integrations such as clocking systems or cash desks won't work either in this particular month. 

  • In case you do need to change anything in this month, a manager can reopen this month.

L1NDA will warn you in case you try to change something in a period that has already been closed-off. L1NDA will show you who closed-off this month, so you can contact this person in case it needs to be re-opened.

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