How do I create and activate a token for an integration between L1NDA and Nmbrs®?

How do I create and activate a token for an integration between L1NDA and Nmbrs®? Follow these steps to activate the integration between Nmbrs® and L1NDA.

L1NDA is linked to the payroll administration system Nmbrs®. To activate the link, a number of steps are required from your Nmbrs® environment.

Accountant level

You can activate this integration at master level, so that the link with the same token can be used for multiple companies and debtors. To do this, under L1NDA settings, click Activeer L1NDA token (see image).

The access of this L1NDA token to debtors and companies depends on the rights of the account that activated the token. For example, if the account used has a filter on a particular tag, this token will only allow retrieval of information from debtors under this tag. It is therefore recommended to activate the L1NDA token with an account with maximum permissions in the environment, so that the link can potentially be activated for each debtor.

Business environment or debtor level
When integrating for a business environment, or at debtor level, you need to create a customer login with the email address See further steps below or read this article from Nmbrs® How do I request an API token for login at debtor level? '

1. Go via settings to Customer login under User accounts

2. From here a new user must be created. Click on Nieuw account.

3. Depending on the interface that you're using, fill in the details as shown below, and choose one of the indicated user rights (depending on the configuration of the Nmbrs® environment). Then click on Opslaan.

Option 1

Option 2

4. Activate the user by clicking on the envelope (and then on the tick to activate) and then choose a filter.

5. In the filter, choose which company you want to link to this user and then click Opslaan.

6. Now it is time to create a token for the user ( Click on the plus under API token.

7. Now click on Toevoegen as in the screen below.

8. Then select and copy the token.

9. Paste the code in an email and send it to

10. From here we will activate the link!

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