How do I enter unpaid leave?

How do I enter unpaid leave?

It is possible that an employee wants to take longer leave. When there are not enough holiday hours, an employee can choose to take unpaid leave. This article describes how you can process this in L1NDA.

To enter unpaid leave, you can take the following steps:

  1. Click on L1NDA at the top left and then on Schedule.

  2. Go to the first day from when the employee wants to take unpaid leave.

  3. Click on the plus icon that comes up when you move your mouse over the red Unproductive bar  (see image).

  4. Select Unpaid Leave for shift type here:

  • check All day. L1NDA calculates on the basis of the employee's contract how many hours a Full day is for the employee concerned.

  • As a result, no shortfall hours are made, so L1NDA keeps the contract hours.

  • It is the intention that you put the days that the employee would normally work, on unpaid leave, so that the exact number of contract hours is recorded in L1NDA and therefore no shortfall hours are made.

The Unpaid Leave hours are shown under a separate heading in the hour registration.
This gives you an overview of the hours that you do not have to pay.

You may make a correction in the holiday overview in the period of unpaid leave. The holiday build-up continues in L1NDA. For the holiday accrual, L1NDA looks at the employee's contract. However, during unpaid leave, an employee is not entitled to holiday accrual (unless you agree otherwise).

Processing the correction:
It is best to select the weeks that the employee is on unpaid leave in the holiday overview and enter the total of this as correction at the end of the relevant period. How to make a correction is described in this article.

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