How do I fill in corrections (surplus/shortfall hours)?

How do I fill in corrections (surplus/shortfall hours)?

With a correction you can increase or decrease the surplus/shortfall hours. You apply this when you want to share a start signal to everyone. Or when you have done a recalculation on the balance.

You can manage corrections after you have requested the surplus/shortfall hours via Back Office.

  • Scroll down in the window until you see the informative chart with all balances. 

  • Move the cursor on the person you would like to add, adjust or delete a correction. 

  • In the chart emerges an icon with a triangle. Click this so the window for corrections pops up. This shows all corrections made in the selected period of time.

  • Now you can add a correction by marking:
    (1) the date the correction is valid;
    (2) the correction itself, the increased or decreased (add a - ) amount;
    (3) a note why this correction has been applied;

  • When you have made a correction click Opslaan (Save) to apply the correction.

  • The balance is adjusted immediately.

In the correction window is is easy to adjust corrections (by clicking the Edit  button) and to delete (click Edit  first after you click on Delete ) corrections.

In the correction overview you can find corrections that fall under a selected period of time (for example the first of January 2013 and now) only. When you add a selection that is not stated in this period, you can not view this in your current view but it is added.


It is possible to export an overview of all corrections. In the Plus / minus or Holiday hours, click on the printer at the top right and open the Excel file. In column K (Explanation) and L (Correction), entered corrections are per visible within the requested period.

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