How do I sync staff with an integration?

How do I sync staff with an integration? This article describes how you can synchronise your employees from the salary-administration into L1NDA Planner.

When you make us of an integration, you can import staff from the salary-administration system into L1NDA Planner. 

First of all, click on the button on the right. This button is either the logo of the salary-administration system or a door with an arrow. Secondly, you can now click on 'retrieve'.

When the employee is already known in L1NDA, you can merge these accounts in order to include all known information in the profile: 

  • In case you accidentally selected 'create' instead of 'connect to...', the employee will be added twice in L1NDA. We can merge these accounts for you! Please send a clearly described email to:

We strongly advice to always sync staff members before you send the hours to the salary-administration system. Otherwise the worked hours might be incorrect.

When you've imported a staff member, an email will be send with which login details can be created. This email also explains how to download the L1NDA App.

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