How do I use the Planboard?

How do I use the Planboard? This article describes how you can quickly and efficiently schedule employees. Renée van Haastrecht

In order to make use of the Planboard, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the hamburger menu on the top left.

  2. Tick the box of Planbord and click on Show.

  3. When you've selected the planboard, you can start!
    On the bottom of the schedule you can see all employees with a circle behind their name. Click on the circle next to Ana's name.
    After you've clicked, you can select an unfulfilled shift in order to schedule Ana to this particular shift.

  4. You can see that Ana is now scheduled on this unfulfilled shift. Do not forget to publish this shift when you're finished with your schedule. 

Exchanging shifts

You can also exchange employees when they are already scheduled:

  • Click on the circle next to one of the shifts that you would like to switch. 

  • Click on the circle next to the other shift. 

  • The employees are now exchanged! 

You can only use the planboard in the week-view: both in the schedule-view and staff-view.

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