How do I work with shift preferences?

How do I work with shift preferences? The shift preference functionality enables employees to add the amount of shift they wish to work in a week.

Employees can add their preferred amount of shift they would like to work, so you have even more insight while making the schedule. This article explains how employees can add their shift preference.

Whenever an employee added their shift preference, the manager or planner can exactly see how many shifts the employee can be scheduled this week.

The example below shows that Daphne wants to work 3 shifts this week. However, behind Bibi's name, you can see a zero. This means that she is already scheduled the maximum amount of shifts that she wants to work:

The shift preference of your employees is also visible in the 'Planbord'. This features helps you to work more efficient and quicker while taking your employees' wishes into account. This article explains how you can work with 'Planbord'.


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