How does the publish-menu work?

How does the publish-menu work? This article explains how you can communicate the schedule of one or multiple weeks to your staff.

To ensure that employees see the current schedule, it is important to publish schedules. Here we explain how the publish menu works in the web version of L1NDA Planner. Important! You only publish the shifts of the schedule layers that you have visible at that moment. Read here how you can make schedule layers (in) visible.


  • Only when the shifts are published these will be visible for employees. They will receive an email so they know exactly when they have to work.

  • Important: you will only see the (worked) shifts in the hour registration when these are published. It is highly important that deleted shifts are also published, otherwise these will be included in the (worked) hour registration. 

  • Note: deleted shifts must also always be published. Learn more about deleted shifts here.

The publish-menu looks like this and you can open it by simply clicking on 'publish':

The publish-menu shows the following tabs: 

  • Urgent changes: all shifts that are within the upcoming 7 days.

  • Selected schedules: the week in which you are now (week 14 in this example).

  • After: everything after the week you are in now.

  • Other: in case you have deselected schedules, L1NDA will share this in this tab.

In the publish-menu you can find the following information:

  • In which schedule the added, deleted or changed shifts are.

  • Who created, edited or deleted the shift.

  • You can also undo all changes or added shifts: this article explains it.

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