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How to register actual worked hours in L1NDA?

How to register actual worked hours in L1NDA? This explains how you can can register your worked hours in L1NDA. Renée van Haastrecht

As soon as you are done with your shift, you are able to register your planned hours to the actual worked hours. It's only possible to register a shift from 15 minutes before the planned shift ends within 48 hours from the start time of the shift. It's really important to register your actual worked hours. After you register your shifts, your supervisor wil conform this and as a result you will get these hours paid.

How to register your actual worked hours?

  • You log in to your L1NDA, you can do this via the app, mobile website or via your L1NDA website on the computer.

  • You click on your own shift and then adjust the times and pause to the actual times you have worked (see images below).

  • Then click on Save or Opslaan.

  • Your hours are registered and can be confirmed by your supervisor. 

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