How to use the staff-view?

This article describes the staff-view in L1NDA and how you can gain better insight in your schedule and plus/minus hours.

The staff-view is an overview page of the schedule that allows you to see how many hours your staff are scheduled in for the selected week.

For employees fixed hours it provides insight in the amount of overtime (or under time) your staff are scheduled.

  • Behind the name you can see the amount of hours the employee has to work on a weekly basis. (the fixed contract hours)

  • On the left it shows whether the employee has worked more or less than on contract. 

  • On the right it shows the total amount of hours that the employee has worked below or over their contract (plus/minus hours). 

The staff-view also provides insight in the amount of hours your staff with an hourly contract are scheduled. This way you can divide the hours more equally amongst your flex workers!

An example is shown below:


On the 1st of January 2020, the 'Wet arbeidsmarkt in balans' (WAB) was introduced in The Netherlands. This law makes it compulsory to keep track of the amount of hours the flex workers work.

The WAB-law has a massive effect on working with temp-workers and flex-workers. Here is a link to a checklist provided by our government.

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