How to work with 'stand-by' shifts.

How to work with 'stand-by' shifts. If you work with flex workers, you can use 'stand-by' shifts.

Standby is a type of shift in L1NDA Planner that is visible in the schedule, but won't be registered in the hour registration as actual worked hours. The stand-by hours won't be visible in the statistics, nor in the hour registration.

This ensures that you can leave the shifts on 'stand-by' when it has not been worked.
Only when an employee comes in to work the actual shift, for example because it was busier than expected, you can remove the type of shift 'stand-by'. Now the hours will be seen as actual worked hours and taken into the hour registration and statistics.

If you do not remove the stand-by type of shift, these hours won't be taken into the hour registration and thus, won't be paid out!

The settings of the stand-by shift can be different in your account or still be missing.
Please send us an email to change or add this shift:

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