How to work with the template schedule

How to work with the template schedule This article explains how you can make and copy a returning schedule. Renée van Haastrecht

The template schedule can be copied into the weekly schedule. This is especially useful for shifts that are recurring. 

The following short clip shows where you can find the template schedule: 

The following short clip shows how you can add a shift: 

When you don't know who will be working this particular shift, you can choose 'onbepaald' (unfulfilled). When you've copied the template schedule to a certain week or month, you can easily schedule employees through the use of Planboard and shift preference.

1. When the template schedule is finished, you can copy this to a week or longer period. You can do this by clicking on the 'copy-icon' on your top right;

2. L1NDA will lead you to a new screen;

3. You may now add a start week and year, followed by an end week and year;

4. L1NDA will show which schedules will be copied to which period. Make sure to check this!

5. Click on copy.

NOTE: when you work with multiple template schedules, such as a summer or winter schedule, make sure you do not copy further than 3 months. Please send an email to in case you would like to have multiple template schedules!

NOTE: the template schedule is not copied into the weekly schedule. However, these have to be published before employees can actually see this schedule.

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