What to do when an employee is ill.

What to do when an employee is ill. This article describes how to add 'sick'-hours in L1NDA Planner.

It is very important to add these hours, especially for employees with a fixed contract. Otherwise they will build up shortfall hours.

Please follow these steps when an employee is ill: 

  1. Click on the L1NDA-logo and go to 'Schedule'.

  2. Go to the day that the employee was ill. 

  3. Go with your mouse to the Unproductive-layer. Click on the plus-icon. You will now see a pop-up screen.

  • Select as type of shift: 'ziek' or 'sick'. 

  • When the employee called in sick and didn't come to work, you can select 'whole day'. L1NDA will calculate the correct amount of hours based on their contract.

  • When the employee is longer sick, you can also tick the box 'copy event' and follow these steps in order to copy this shift for a longer period.

When you select the box 'whole day', it is crucial that the contract of the employee is filled in correctly. This is what L1NDA uses to calculate the hours.

In case you need help with editing the contract, please read this article.

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