When do leave hours expire?

When do leave hours expire?

As of January first, it will be checked how many holiday hours an employee has not spent:

  • If an employee still has holiday hours open, these holiday hours can still be taken.

  • We can also set these vacation hours to expire over time. We can set this time as whole months.

  • Statutory vacation hours expire 6 months after January first. We notice that many of our customers do not work with this decline, so it is off by default in the calculation.

Suppose an employee has accumulated 160 hours in 2017 and has taken up 144 hours of this, then this employee accrued 16 holidays on January 1, 2018. These 16 holidays will automatically expire after 6 months on July 1, 2017.

If 40 holiday hours are taken in March, the first 16 hours of the remaining holiday hours 207 will automatically be collected. Only when there are no holiday hours from previous years are the holidays of holiday hours accrued in this year collected.

Here too, the statutory and extra-statutory holiday hours are taken into account.

Read here how the leave balance for employees is calculated!

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