Which NMBRS API's do I need for a seamless NMBRS integration?

Which NMBRS API's do I need for a seamless NMBRS integration?

For a seamless NMBRS integration, you can use API user templates. An API is an application programming interface that allows two different applications (like L1NDA and NMBRS) to communicate with each other. NMBRS has different templates for this.

If you want to work with a user template in NMBRs, Nmbrs advises the following: The user template can already be used with the document viewer and then the enhancement templates, scenarios 2 and 3. If you want to check this yourself and if you want to add more web services, you can find more information here.

! In NMBRS this can be set in the Settings -> User templates (under User settings). !

Below are the API user templates you can use and activate the web service rights for L1NDA:


  • Schedule_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany

  • Address_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany

  • Contract_GetCurrentPeriod

  • Salary_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany

  • Salary_GetCurrent

  • Service_GetList

  • List_GetByCompany

  • PersonalInfo_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany

  • HourComponentVar_Get


  • Schedule_GetCurrent

  • List_GetAll

Employee service:

  • DaysVar_Set

  • HourComponentVar_Insert

  • Contract_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany
  • ExtraFields_GetList

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