How can I add, edit or copy a shift?

This article helps to schedule quicker and more efficient.

Adding a shift
In order to add a shift, scroll over the schedule-layer with your mouse. You will see a plus-icon.

When you click on this icon, you will see a pop-up screen that enables you to add a shift. Based upon your settings, you will see certain fields to complete this shift.
Do not forget to click on the save button below in order to add the shift.

Edit a shift

In order to edit a shift, you can open a shift by simply clicking on it. You can make the need the changes and click on save again. 

Copy a shift              
When you'd like to copy a shift, you can tick the box 'copy event'. Two fields will pop up:

  1. Repeat (per day, week, month etc)

  2. End date (till when you'd like this shift) 


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