How to edit a contract?

How to edit a contract? When an employee receives a pay rise or a contract renewal, the contract in L1NDA needs to be changed.

The contract of an employee is the foundation of which L1NDA bases most back-office information. It is crucial to ensure that these contract are correctly filled out. 

You can take the following steps: 

  • Go to the L1NDA-logo and click on Staff. 

  • Click on the employee's name. 

  • Click behind 'Contract' on management

In L1NDA you can have multiple contracts, but only one can be current. This is because whenever something changes, like salary, the old contract needs to be completely closed off and a new one needs to be added with the new salary in the correct period. This ensures L1NDA Planner takes the accurate details into account. 

Benny Mulder has a fixed contract and this changes from the 1st of March. He receives a pay rise and will work 32 hours in 4 days a week. 

To ensure that surplus/shortfall and holiday hours are correctly calculated from 1st of March, the old contract needs to be completely closed off. Select an end date (29-2-2020) in the current contract by clicking on it. Add a new contract from the 1st of March by clicking on the plus-icon on the top right. 

Editing a contract:

  • In case you made a mistake of missed out on information, you can edit a current contract. You can do so by clicking on this contract. 


  • It is important that these contracts do not overlap, so make sure that you end the old contract a day before the new contract starts! L1NDA will notify you in case the contracts do overlap.

  • If you use multiple affiliates where certain functions have the right to view Staff of their own affiliate, this applies to the current contract. If the current contract affiliate of an employee is set to another affiliate than their own, this manager cannot see that specific employee in Staff.

If an employee has an invalid contract, the approved hours will not be visible in the hour registration.

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